Learn How To Fight For Your Security Deposit In Court

Disputes between landlords and tenants are common. Determining who is right in a dispute sometimes requires the two individuals to go to court. One major issue that often ends up in court is a battle over the security deposit. If you rented a property from a landlord that is now refusing to return your security deposit, learn how to take him or her to civil court in an attempt to have the money you are owed returned to you.

Print a Transcript of Conversations

Be sure that you only talk to the landlord through writing. You can use text messaging or emails to get the information relayed between the two of you. This allows you to prove everything that was said so that the landlord cannot claim they told you something that they did not tell you.

Take Pictures for Evidence

Before leaving the home, be sure to take pictures of the residence. Take pictures of the pipes, appliances, carpeting, and walls to ensure that you can prove they were not damaged before you left. Also, take pictures of the landscaping to verify that you took care of the property while you were in it.

Annotate Any Repairs

If you made any repairs or paid to have any repairs done on the home, be sure that you annotate what repairs were made.  You need to keep receipts for the repairs and provide them to the judge when you go to court. If you have lost a receipt, contact the company and ask them if they can create a new one for you. Many companies have no problem verifying that a repair was made, when it was made, and who paid for it.

When you finally have your day in court, you will be able to let the judge know your side of the story. Providing evidence of what was said and the condition of the property will strengthen your case. You need to show the judge that you did nothing wrong while you lived in the home. It will be the responsibility of the landlord to prove if any damage was done to the home during your residency and how much it will cost to have the repairs made to the home. The security deposit is supposed to be used for repairs. The judge will determine if repairs need to be made, how much they may cost, and if any of the money should be returned to you. Click here to learn more.