In An Accident? The Type Of Medical Care You Get Matters

If you have been in a car accident, the type of medical care that you get matters. If you end up pursing financial compensation for your injuries through the legal system, the type of medical care that you choose to receive will be highly scrutinized. 

Go To The Hospital

If 911 is called to the scene of your accident, make sure you accept their help. They will be able to identify and help address any immediate medical issues that you have. Also, it can look bad in court if you refused medical attention at the scene of the accident, only to claim injuries later. You could argue that you were traumatized and in-shock at the scene of the accident, and thus didn't realize you were hurt. However, it is easier to not have to make that argument at all. 

If the ambulance offers to transport you to the hospital, accept their offer. Even if an ambulance does not respond to your accident, you should go to the nearest emergency room. Often, injuries sustained in an accident are not obvious to the naked eye. Many accident injuries are internal. The medical experts at the nearest emergency room will be able to more accurately assess your injuries. 

The statements of emergency response personnel and emergency room doctors are seen as credible sources. 

Follow Up With Your Primary Care Physician 

After your accident, you should follow up with your primary care physician. It can often take a few days for the bruises from a car accident to surface. If you have bruises develop that were not visible at the time of the accident, make sure your primary care physician makes note of your new injuries. You may even want to have your doctor take photos of your bruises.

If your back or neck starts to hurt after your accident, you should address these concerns with your primary care physician first. Don't just schedule an appointment with your chiropractor. Your primary care physician can identify if you have any serious injuries to your back, and can provide you with the appropriate referrals for treatment that can then be credibly billed to the injury lawsuit. 

Chiropractic Care

Do not go to your chiropractor before you have your primary care physician inspect your injuries. Many lawyers and judges find primary care physicians to be more credible witnesses and prefer their options over chiropractors. 

Discuss with your primary care physician if you should see a chiropractor for your injuries. If your primary care physician thinks that seeing a chiropractor would be beneficial for you, ask them to refer you to a chiropractor. Your chiropractors word is going to carry more weight if your doctor supports that line of treatment. 

After an accident, you need to seek immediate medical attention and follow-up with your primary care physician. Many insurance companies seek emergency medical providers and primary care providers as more credible than chiropractors, which is why you should seek their care before you go to your chiropractor. For tips about handling injuries from a car accident, talk to the lawyers at a place like The Best and Westover.