Slip-And-Fall: First Steps For Your Case

Slip-and-fall accidents are potentially very damaging events, and if they happen on someone else's properly, you may be eligible to receive some compensation for your pain and suffering. After you have a slip-and-fall accident, follow the following steps to ensure you are as prepared as possible to show proof that the property owner was at fault for the accident.

Write down what happened

This is actually one of the most important things that you can do. Memories will fade, stories will change, but if you write down exactly what you remember happening then your memory won't be able to change and you will have the best chance of showing exactly what went wrong.

Make sure to record what happened, what you were doing, what you think caused you to fall, if what you fell off of was in disrepair and caused you to fall, if you were working in a dangerous area, etc. These are all questions that an attorney will ask, so having them written down now will save you the trouble of having to fuss about it later.

Go see a doctor

No matter how big or small the injury, go see a doctor. First off, it is to your health benefit to see exactly what happened. Second of all, the doctor may advise that the injury is not worth the effort to go to court over. Sometimes things happen, and a scratch isn't worth all of the legal fees. In the case that it is worth pursuing, having the doctor's note saying what injuries you have sustained will help your case immensely. Be sure to include that in all of your paperwork for your case, along with what you wrote regarding what happened to you.

Find a good attorney

Last but not least, find a good attorney and present your case to them. They will decide whether your case has merit and whether they are willing to help you or not. They will also help in organizing your case and optimizing it so that you have the best chance of winning your case and getting your settlement. With any luck you can work it out so that you don't even have to set foot in a court room.

There you have it, your first steps to filling a slip-and-fall suit. With these tips you can be sure that the suit will be well prepared and give you the best outlook for the outcome of your case. For information, visit sites like