How A Lawyer Can Help A Recovering Drug Addict Regain Child Custody

Did you lose custody of your kids because of a drug addiction and now you want them back? Rather than starting friction with the person that your children are living with, it is a good idea to allow a family lawyer to handle the situation. Find out in this article how a family lawyer can help you fight for your rights as a parent who is a recovering drug addict.

How Can a Lawyer Assist a Recovering Addict with Child Custody?

The first step to regaining custody rights to your children is to consult with a lawyer about your life. He or she will want to know about the history of your drug addiction and how you got into the lifestyle. You will also be asked how the addiction affected your relationship with your children. It is vital for you to tell the truth about everything you are asked (it is kept confidential), as it will help your lawyer prepare a strong case. However, neglecting to tell the truth is likely to surface in court and be used against you by the prosecutor.

How Will It Be Proven That a Recovering Addict Deserves Child Custody?

After determining that you have a good chance of regaining custody of your children, the lawyer will gather evidence to prove your argument. He or she will ask your friends, family and specialists at the addiction recovery facility to act as witnesses concerning your positive change. The lawyer will also take photographs of your living environment and gather proof that you can financially provide for your children. He or she may also ask you to take a drug test that will be used to show the court that you are indeed clean. Before you are provided custody of your children, the lawyer will likely get you visitation rights to begin getting your parental bond with them back.

How Much Will a Family Lawyer Charge for a Child Custody Battle?

You can prepare to pay at least $75 per hour for a family lawyer to help you with regaining custody of your children. The hourly rate might be an estimate of $500 for a more complicated case. It is possible to be charge a flat rate as well, but it is not likely in a child custody case that concerns proving that you are over a drug addiction and able to be a responsible parent. Allow a lawyer, like those at Leonard & Kershaw and other locations, to assist with bringing your family back together under one roof as soon as possible!