A Handful Of Myths About Social Security Disability Benefits

There are many government benefits that a person can use to survive when they encounter a range of hardships. Unfortunately, there is ample misinformation concerning welfare benefits that can lead individuals to fail to appreciate or utilize this option. In particular, disability benefits are among the more commonly misunderstood.

Myth: The Process Of Applying For Disability Only Involves Submitting Medical Records

When a person is considering filing for disability benefits, they may assume that receiving these benefits will entail little more than submitting their medical records to the relevant government department. While it will be necessary to provide a history of your medical issues, the application process for these benefits is much more extensive. In addition to having your medical records reviewed, it may also be necessary for you to be evaluated an independent doctor. Furthermore, there are likely to be a series of hearings to formally determine your status to qualify for these benefits.

Myth: You Must Be Completely Disabled To Qualify For These Benefits

Another belief about disability benefits is that a person will have to be completely disabled to qualify. Often, individuals will imagine that only those that are permanently bedridden or confined to wheelchairs will be able to qualify for these benefits. However, it is important to note that disabilities can come in many different forms and severities. For example, it can be possible for a person to have a disability that makes working for long hours essentially impossible, but they may be able to engage in physical activities for short bursts of time. Also, there is an assortment of mental and emotional health issues that could inhibit a person's ability to work and support themselves despite being physically able to do these tasks. Prior to deciding that disability benefits are not something that you should spend time applying to receive, you should consult with an attorney so that you can learn more about the ways that your state's laws and disability requirements will apply to your particular medical condition.

Myth: An Initial Denial Of Social Security SSI Benefits Ends The Application Process

The process of applying for disability benefits can be extremely long, and there will be a high probability that the initial application will be denied. If your application is denied, you should not immediately lose hope as it is possible to appeal a rejected application. The appeal process can be a very complicated and formal process. In order to ensure that your appeal is processed correctly, you should make sure to retain an attorney before starting the appeal.