Are You Hiring An SSDI Attorney? Factors To Consider

People across the United States file for Social Security Disability benefits every day for a variety of reasons. Some people opt to work with an attorney right off the bat, while others go through the process alone. Many people do not hire an attorney to save some money. Before you decide to go this route, you should know the ins and outs of the process and whether or not hiring an attorney to help you is a good idea. Here are some factors to consider:

Your Case is Different Than Others

One thing you should know is that no two SSDI cases are going to be the same. Everyone has different disabilities and complications, and the judge has to analyze each case on an individual basis. Some cases are more complex than others.

You can easily go through the initial application process alone as long as your disability is covered in the Social Security Administration's impairment listing. However, many applications are initially denied even when the disability is listed. This is when you may want to consider an attorney.

If you have a disability which is not listed in the SSAs list of covered impairments, you should consider retaining an attorney right at the beginning of the application process. It is possible you could still receive benefits, but an attorney will help guide you through the process.

The First Application

If you choose to use an attorney during the first application process, he or she will act as your legal representative and advise you to what types of proof you will need to have on hand for your case. An attorney will also help you submit your application in such a way that it has the best chance for an approval on the first try.

The Appeal

If you first application does not make the cut, an attorney will help you through an appeals process. When you start your application with an attorney, he or she will already be familiar with your case, unlike if you waited until after a denied application. This is a huge benefit, as the attorney will not need a long time to do research on your case.  

The first step of the appeal is to go through the Request for Reconsideration process. Once approved, you will move on to the appeals process where you will go before an administrative law judge. You will greatly benefit from having an attorney with you during this time. However, you can go through the process on your own.

This is the time in which a final decision is made about your application. Many appeals will win, though not all. You will need a very convincing case supported by strong evidence to support your application, which is best done with an attorney's expertise.

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