Changes In Child Custody: What You Need To Know

Divorce is never easy, particularly on the children. When you determine custody, you know where the kids will live, when the children visit the other parent, and other arrangements. However, different life events can cause you to make modifications to your custody arrangements. Keep the following in mind:

Does Living with Someone Have an Impact on Custody?

Whether or not a domestic partner affects your custody will depend on the state you live in. Some judges frown on unmarried couples. Before you move your partner into your home, be sure you have legal protection if your former spouse takes you to court.

If you just got a divorce and are ready to move in with someone new, your attorney may ask you to wait until your divorce is final and the custody arrangements are set before beginning to share a home. If your divorce happened a long time ago and you start to live with someone, you need to tell your former spouse in advance. If the move is an issue, go into mediation to make changes to the parenting plan. Different parts of the situation will be looked at, including if the new partner has a bad legal background.

What Happens if Your Former Spouse is Arrested?

If your former spouse gets arrested for illegal activity, you can seek a petition for an emergency custody order. Many factors will determine if you will receive sole custody. One will be the type of crime committed. If the crime was dangerous, you could receive full custody of the kids. If the charge was a lesser offense and not dangerous, the judge will decide whether or not your emergency request is necessary.

What If the Child Wants to Live with You?

Your child may eventually decide he or she wants to live with you instead of your former spouse. This may occur for different reasons. Your home may be closer to other friends or family members your child wants to be closer to. Perhaps you are a father and your son wants to have you in his daily life for an increased male influence. Keep in mind that the judge will not always consider the child's wants when determining the best custody situation for the children. If your child is older and wishes to choose where he or she lives, the judge may be more open to considering it rather than with a young child.  

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