Three Ways That You Could Inadvertently Commit Credit Card Fraud

When most people think about credit card fraud, they likely imagine a scenario in which a criminal has stolen someone's credit card and used it without permission. This type of case makes up a large percentage of credit card arrests, but the reality is that it's possible to commit credit card fraud without necessarily thinking that you're breaking the law. This is a serious charge, however, and even if you view the particulars of your situation as a big misunderstanding, it's a good idea to hire an attorney who represents clients accused of financial crimes. Here are some ways that you could inadvertently commit credit card fraud.

Using A Deceased Family Member's Card

When an elderly person is dying, his or her family members will often use the person's money to make purchases. For example, if you're shopping for something that will help to make your loved one comfortable, you might take his or her credit card to the store. Doing so is usually innocent, as is the idea of perhaps absentmindedly buying something for yourself on the same receipt. If you don't have a good relationship with your sibling who ends up being the executor, and he or she looks at the receipts and decides that you've been using the card improperly, you might face a credit card fraud charge.

Using Your Spouse's Card During A Divorce

Divorces can be messy in a variety of ways, including one party potentially pressing charges against the other. Many couples use each others' credit cards on occasion, and if you have a credit card in your spouse's name, you might continue to occasionally do so — perhaps without really even thinking about it — during a divorce. Unfortunately, your spouse may realize this and believe that you're attempting to defraud him or her, which could result in a difficult legal situation for you.

Accidentally Using The Wrong Card

It's entirely possible that you could get your credit card mixed up with someone you know — perhaps grabbing the wrong one off a restaurant table after you've both paid for your meals. You could use this card a few times without being aware of it, and this could cause the other person to be upset. While most people can resolve this issue amicably, some people may feel as though they need to involve the police. Whatever the case, a good criminal defense attorney can help you with your credit card fraud situation.