What Can You Do Legally If You Suspect Your Child Was Sexually Abused At School?

One of the hardest things a parent has to deal with is finding out their child was abused in some way at school. It can be even harder to find out the child was sexually abused by a teacher or counselor. A parent's first instinct might be to confront the teacher themselves, but that isn't usually the best route. Instead, contact a child sexual abuse lawyer, as they can help lead you through the legal steps you can take to protect your child and get justice.

What can you legally do if you suspect your child is being sexually abused at school? Here are some options you can take.

Get Medical Help For Your Child

Once your child tells you they were abused, or you suspect that your child is being sexually abused at school, talk to them first and ask what happened. If they don't want to give too much detail, don't push them. Instead, take them to the hospital or your doctor to have them checked out. Explain the situation to the doctor so they know how to better treat your child.

You can then use any medical records you get from the doctor towards a potential civil lawsuit or for evidence in a potential criminal case. Keep your child sexual abuse lawyer in the loop and inform them of any findings in the medical records and provide these records to the police as well.

Contact The School Board Right Away

While your first instinct might be to contact the one responsible for the abuse, instead contact the school board and principal right away. They need to know what's going on so the teacher can be removed from class, investigated, and/or suspended until an investigation takes place. You also should contact the police if you wish to file charges, especially if you have proof of the sexual abuse.

If the school board does not remove the teacher or counselor after receiving proof or even under the suspicion of abuse before the proof is given, then your child sexual abuse lawyer might be able to work with you to have the teacher suspended legally.

File A Lawsuit

If you find you aren't getting anywhere with the school board, and you have gone up the chain of command to the state's Board of Education and still have no results, then you have the right to file a lawsuit. In some cases, teachers remain working even when a child has accused them of sexual abuse. This could be pending an investigation at any level of the school board, or even a criminal investigation.

Your child sexual abuse lawyer can file a lawsuit against the school board, the board of education for your state, and the teacher. These suits can be for failing to protect your child against any forms of abuse, and for the abuse itself. You don't need a criminal case to be filed before you ask your lawyer to file a civil lawsuit either. If there is one, the criminal case will take precedence over the civil case.

For more information about contacting a child sexual abuse lawyer, reach out to a local law office.