Important Reasons to Retain a Lawyer for Criminal Record Expungement

Once you serve your time and pay your fines, you may be ready to turn over a new proverbial leaf and start a new future for yourself and your family. However, you know that the convictions on your record can keep you from getting a good job. You also know that they can prevent you from being admitted to college or getting financial aid.

Instead of allowing your convictions to follow you for the rest of your life, you may be able to get them concealed entirely. You can start by hiring an attorney to pursue criminal record expungement options for you.

Finding Out Your Eligibility

Before you can apply for criminal record expungement, you need to find out if you are eligible for it. Some crimes are not eligible for being expunged from a person's record. These crimes include those that involved the use of a firearm, assault, or offenses that targeted children.

However, if your offenses were not violent or involving children, you may be eligible for criminal record expungement. Your attorney can find out what kind of criteria you need to meet first. Once he or she learns if you have met the minimum requirements to have your record expunged, he or she can start the process of applying for your criminal record expungement.

The criteria for it can involve serving out your jail sentence or completing probation. It can also involve paying all of your civil fines. You also may need to allow a certain amount of time to pass before you ask the court for criminal record expungement.

Following the Legal Process

The criminal record expungement process can also involve you having to appear before a judge and telling the court why you deserve to have your convictions concealed. Rather than speak for yourself, you can have your attorney speak on your behalf. He or she can make a solid argument for why you have turned over a new leaf and why you deserve to have your convictions concealed from people who may perform background checks on you in the future.

Having your convictions concealed can help you get a job, get into college, secure financial aid, and be approved for housing. It can also allow you to start a new future, even after you have served time in jail and paid your civil fines. You can get them concealed by hiring a lawyer for criminal record expungement.