Vital Reasons To Retain An Experienced Intellectual Property Attorney

As an inventor or artist, you may want to protect your creations and ensure you are the only person who can benefit from their commercial use or sale. However, you may be unfamiliar with the copyright or infringement laws where you live.

Rather than risk someone else taking credit for something you invented or created, you can hire a lawyer to represent you and your invention or work of art. You can benefit from having an experienced intellectual property attorney on hand to represent you.

Filing Legal Protections

When you have an intellectual property attorney available to represent you, you can get the help you need to file for legal protections for your creation. You might not have any idea of what paperwork to fill out and submit. You may also have no idea as to which court to send the paperwork to.

However, your intellectual property attorney will know what documents to file and where to send them on your behalf. Your lawyer can ensure your paperwork gets filed immediately so your creation will be fully protected as soon as possible from infringement or theft.

Filing Lawsuits

If someone does try to steal or take credit for your creation, this person can be put on notice to halt their actions with a lawsuit. Your intellectual property attorney can file lawsuits on your behalf to sue people who infringe on your invention or art. The lawsuits can compel people to disclaim any credit for your intellectual property and turn over any profits from it to you.

Negotiating Contracts

Your intellectual property attorney can also negotiate contracts to allow your invention or art to be used for commercial purposes. For example, a company might want to use it in its advertisements. Your lawyer can draw up a contract that will ensure you get credit for the art or invention being used in the advertisement and receive sufficient royalties from it. 


Finally, your intellectual property attorney can renew your legal protections as needed for your creations. They can ensure your art or invention is not left vulnerable to anyone laying claim to them because their legal protections expired or were not renewed on time.

An intellectual property attorney provides vital services to artists or inventors. You can have your lawyer file and renew the required paperwork to protect your property. You can also have lawsuits filed and contracts for commercial use of your property filed and negotiated on your behalf. For more information, reach out to an intellectual property attorney near you.