Forget The Lawsuit And Settle Your Personal Injury Case

If you have been involved in an auto accident, you might consider filing suit. However, that might not be the best way to handle things. Read on and learn about the many benefits of settling your case rather than litigating it.

Why Settle?

The word settle carries an inaccurate message that you are settling for less than you deserve. However, that is not what settlements are about. A settlement means that you and the other side are in agreement on the amount of money that should be paid to end the case. Some of the many benefits of settling a case include the following:

It's easy – When you agree to settle a case, you cut out a lot of work and stress. As the victim, you are probably not up for dealing with a court case. Some of the trial preparations, such as the deposition, require the victim's participation. Once the trial begins, victims are often expected to take the stand and explain why they deserve to be paid.

A settlement, on the other hand, is easy because your personal injury lawyer does all the work. They will prepare a demand letter that summarizes the case and then negotiate with the other side to arrive at a figure you will agree to accept. Then, you sign some papers and get paid. It could not be easier for victims to settle their cases.

It's fast – Court cases are lengthy. Once a settlement is not going to happen, a court date is set. However, the court date is likely several months away because of crowded court calendars. As the court date approaches, discovery begins followed by jury selection. That's all before the judge bangs their gavel to begin the trial.

On the other hand, a settlement often happens in weeks rather than months after the accident occurs. Once your lawyer has gathered the evidence needed and you have reached a point in your medical treatment (maximum medical improvement) where no further improvement in your condition is expected, you can arrive at a figure to ask the other side to pay.

It's the end – What most victims want most of all is for their lives to return to normal again. A settlement allows that to happen. It puts a period on the end of the accident case and victims can take that as a sign that it's time to move forward. To find out more about settling your cases vs. taking the other person to court, speak to a personal injury attorney.

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