You May Be Entitled To Compensation As A Passenger After A DUI Accident

Drinking and driving is a highly reckless and dangerous activity. Drivers who drink while under the influence of alcohol have slower reaction times, poor judgment, and are cognitively impaired. If you are a passenger in a vehicle of a drunk driver, you might not even realize they were intoxicated until it's too late. After the accident, you might be severely injured and left with expensive medical bills.

Passenger Liability After an Accident

Receiving compensation for your injuries as a passenger can be complicated. The auto insurance provider will want to know whether you were aware that the driver was drunk at the time of the accident. They'll also want to know if you were in a position to ride. Finally, the relationship between you and the other driver will be called into question.

For example, if you were using a ridesharing app and the driver shows up intoxicated, you may not realize until the car is in motion. If a rideshare driver picks you up and you discover that they are intoxicated, end the ride immediately, exit the vehicle, and contact 911. However, the accident might occur before you realize it.

If you are a minor and your parent was intoxicated, you will not usually be considered at fault. This is because minors are usually not in a position to refuse rides from their parents.

Comparative Fault with Accidents Involving Multiple Vehicles

A car accident case can be complicated because of comparative fault. If the car collides with another motorist, it might be difficult to determine how much blame lies with each motorist. Even if the individual driving your car was drinking and driving, another motorist might have been speeding and was distracted. As a passenger, you are unlikely to be considered partially to blame unless you were encouraging the intoxicated driver to drive.

How to Prove Negligence As a Passenger

If you aren't sure who is at fault for your accident, a motor accident lawyer can help. To determine negligence in a car accident, it's important to speak with witnesses who have observed the accident and can back up your version of the story.

If the police arrest and charge your driver with a DUI, this fact can also be used when negotiating a settlement with the driver. When you keep your options open, you'll be more likely to receive full compensation for the accident by negotiating a settlement. 

For more info, contact a local accident lawyer