Uncover The Truth: How To Tell If Someone Is Being Unfaithful

If you have a feeling that your partner is being unfaithful, express your concerns and ask. If you feel that they are being less-than honest with you, it may fall to you to uncover the truth. Relationships that lack trust and honesty are doomed to fail, so it is better to find out sooner rather than later.

Some signs that should make you suspicious of infidelity include the following.

  1. A lack of interest in sex. A lack of interest in sex could be an indicator of a problem, if not with unfaithfulness, then in some other area. This should be a red flag that something is going on, and the issue merits open, honest discussion.
  2. Spending more time on social media. Does your partner seem more preoccupied with social media, such as Facebook and twitter, than previously? Take time to check out your partner's page and profile occasionally, and look over their friends lists. This may help tease out who your partner has been communicating with.
  3. Sudden interest in physical appearance. A newfound infatuation with how they look could be a sign that your partner is being unfaithful. Weight loss, increased workouts, and changes in dress could be indicators that your partner is attempting to impress someone in their life.
  4. Increased absences from home. If your homebody husband suddenly is out several nights a week, this should raise suspicion. Dramatic changes in your partner's social life, new friends, and new hobbies could be indicators that someone outside of the home is having a significant influence on them.
  5. Avoiding your questions. People that are guilty of lying often try to divert a question with an emotional outburst, respond with a personal personal attack, or simply repeat the question back to you. These reactions to the questions you ask could be a sign that they are being untruthful and quite possibly unfaithful, too.
  6. People are talking. While gossip is cheap, don't bury your head in the sand if you hear a rumor about your partner being unfaithful. Ask a friend or peer for their honest opinion, as they may be able to see things more clearly and without bias. Some family and friends are reluctant to mention curious situations or suspicions unless they are asked outright; go ahead and ask.
  7. You catch them in a lie. If you catch your partner lying about unimportant or inconsequential stuff, this could mean that they are also lying about larger issues. Deceit is often a tangled mess of small untruths, all created to hide a larger lie. There are some signs that may indicate if your partner is being truthful to you; watch for changes in facial expression, speech, eye contact, and even facial flushing to determine if they are telling a lie.

If you really want to uncover the truth, hire a professional to follow and document your partner's activities. It may be painful, but it will eliminate any doubt whether they are being honest with you. After all, a solid relationship is built on trust and honesty; if you can't trust your partner, or if they are being dishonest with you, you don't have much of a relationship anyway. When you feel that something fishy is going on, get to the bottom of it by hiring a private investigator such as Blue Systems International to either validate your suspicions or put your mind at ease once and for all.