Getting Out of a Dysfunctional Marriage

Marriage is usually between two people who are in love, but sometimes it happens for other reasons. For instance, some people choose to get married simply because they have a child together and want him or her to grow up with both parents living together. Getting married without any love or romance being involved often leads to conflicts that make living together a nightmare. If you married your spouse for all the wrong reasons and have no desire to remain in the relationship, getting divorced is better than continuously arguing. The information in this article will help you decide if getting divorced is the right thing to do and if hiring a lawyer is necessary or not.

How Long Have You Been Married?

Have you been married to your spouse for a long time, but the arguments only recently started? If so, getting divorced might not be the most ideal way to handle the situation without giving it some thought first. Even if you feel as though you no longer want a relationship with your spouse, it might only be due to the constant arguing that's going on. You might want to attempt resolving the problems with help from a counselor before filing for divorce. However, being involved in a long-term marriage is irrelevant if you are going through abuse or know that there is no way the relationship can be saved.

What Are the Arguments About?

Are the arguments with your spouse based on minor things that are meaningless? Breaking up the marriage over arguments should be based on the nature of them. If the arguments are of an abusive or insulting nature, trying to work things out is likely a waste of time. Divorce might be ideal if the arguments are the result of an affair, even if it wasn't a recent incident. It is sometimes impossible for a spouse to get over an affair, especially if the other spouse doesn't show any remorse.

Are There Children or Assets Involved?

It is highly likely that you will need to hire a lawyer if there are children or assets involved in the divorce. Getting out of such a marriage usually involves a lot of conflict and disagreements that can make the divorce process longer than it has to be. A lawyer is helpful because he or she will know what your rights are in regards to your specific situation. For instance, you might be able to get full custody of the children, alimony, and half of the assets that were obtained during the marriage. 

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