What You Should Do Before You File A Personal Injury Claim

If possible, you should try to get as much information you can after you've been in an accident where you have been injured. The information will be useful if you intend to file a personal injury claim against another person, insurance company, or business. Here are the types of information you should collect. Document Scene Whether you are involved in a slip and fall accident or a car crash, you will want to document the accident as best as you can.

4 Great Tips To Prevent Falls At Your Workplace

Preventing falls at your workplace is essential to protecting your employees and customers, and ensuring your business avoids costly lawsuits. Thankfully, there are a number of steps you can take to keep your employees safe and prevent customer falls. Here are 4 tips to ensure falls and accidents are avoided at your business. Reduce Slippery Surfaces Water and ice are two major factors leading to workplace falls, and often result from a sloppy policy surrounding these hazards.

2 Groups Of People Affected By President Obama's Executive Order

Shortly after the midterm elections, President Obama signed an executive order that drastically changes immigration law in the United States. This law has the ability to protect some illegal immigrants from facing deportation if they are caught. This sounds like excellent news for anyone who has entered the country illegally, but many are concerned that they will put themselves in danger of being deported should they reveal their existence the government.

Stepparent Adoptions: Facts You Should Know

In today's world, there are more blended families than ever before. Unfortunately, while society may recognize the role that stepparents can play in a child's life, the law does not automatically recognize this parental role. In fact, in many states, unless the stepparent takes action to legally adopt the child, this stepparent will have little or no rights regarding the child's upbringing. Furthermore, if something was to ever happen to the other parent or the parent and stepparent were to get divorced, the stepparent may find that they have no visitation or custody rights.